Welcome to Lock Area School

Lock Area School is a small rural school on the Eyre Pensinsula providing education for students from Reception to Year 10. Our aim is to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment that caters for the needs of the students. We work closely with families to ensure we have the best possible support in place to enhance student learning, student wellbeing and student achievement. Governing Council, parent groups and the community have a strong presence in the school through its programs and Community Library facility.
As a remote site, our teachers are driven to be innovative in addressing isolation and site data trends, making adopting 21st century methodologies and developing problem solving skills in Mathematics priorities. We believe our ability to integrate digital technologies is exemplary from the Early Years right through to Year 10, with a range of devices, including iPads, and tools, including robots, available for use across the school. Our classroom spaces are evolving and students have an active voice in choosing the learning space appropriate to their needs e.g. quiet, collaborative and/or physical. Our pedagogy is changing to ensure teachers allow for intellectual stretch and collaborative opportunities as students experience deeper learning, critical and creative thinking, and understanding when they can collaborate, critique, question and seek feedback. Our focus on developing problem solving in Mathematics across the school in order to build resilience and risk taking in learning is being assisted through a range of Maths programs. These include the transformation of tasks and starting topics in Maths with an inquiry question to inspire curiosity and establish prior learning. Through our priorities we are striving to develop students who are caring, respectful, fair and responsible, and use effective learning strategies to become informed citizens who contribute positively to communities.
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